Want to turn the lockdown into a growing experience?

Because we live an extraordinary situation, it is easy to get overwhelmed and see the negative side. That’s a tendency we all have, to see the negative first, that’s how we judge the world. But what if instead we were using that time to focus on ourselves, introspect and grow.

Now may be the time to:

  • Discover and reaffirm who you really are and boost your confidence to achieve more
  • Reconnect with yourself to better connect with others later when the lockdown is lifted
  • Think deep and start planning for that career or life path you always dreamed of
  • Be more mindful and manage your frustrations and unwanted behaviours (anger/aggressivity/procrastination/etc.)
  • Break those patterns of indecisions and unlock your blocks
  • Take back control of your life, get responsible, feel empowered, and take your life to the next level
  • Feel free from the inside (we can’t go outside for now!)



Because everyone is different, there is not one method that just works for all. Some clients are very visual, some others more susceptible to sounds and voices. Some have a very vivid imagination, some are especially pragmatic, others are more emotional, artistic in their way of processing information. To address this variety of minds, I use a wide range of psychologically-grounded coaching frameworks, philosophies and cognitive modalities (e.g. CBT, NLP and ACT) to enrich our conversations. But overall, I’m here to listen to you, summarise, reflect on what you say, help you see alternatives to your own choices, draw insights from your own mind, help you reframe situations, broaden your understanding of who you are, giving you the tools to redefine yourself and be proud of your core identity, your core values, embrace your integrity. — We go deep and discover what is really stopping you today from going where you want to be, such as unhelpful behaviours, limiting beliefs or perceived obstacles – and remove them.


  • Peace of the mind: manage anxiety, stress, unwanted toxic behaviours; feel positive, strong, empowered.
  • Reach out your dreams: stop procrastinating and get started on that career and life path you deserve and you always wanted
  • Social Mastery: surround youself with the right people that are right for your own growth and get all the support you need
  • Life Balance: bring back a healthy balance in your life that will get you closer to happiness (enough with too much work, too much emotional turmoil, too much meaningless purpose)
  • Purpose: Find out / Discover who YOU really are, and what YOU really want, not what society and education expects from you.


YOU are the one doing all the work, I’m just the guide, the coach that will assist you in accepting who you are, drawing your own insight from your own experiences and bring you all the tools that YOU alone can use to change your perceptions of your life and take responsibility for steering it in the direction YOU want. The willpower of such drastic changes can only come from you, and you have to be ready to get out of your comfort zone, to open your mind to new possibilities of thinking, believing you can do so much more than what you currently do. The more you will be ready to change, the more results you will get. So if you’re serious about going somewhere you’ve never been, pushing higher and further than you or anyone else thought you could, then it’s now time to trust the little voice inside of you and start crafting your truly remarkable life.


It all starts with a free initial consultation. This first conversation together may take up to two hours, we will make time to have a real coaching session together.  I will listen to your story, assess your current situation and give you a real taster of what working together would look like.
The goal of this first discussion is to bring clarity to the current situation, to elicit what you REALLY want and decide if I am the right coach for you.
We would then discuss options, eventually lay out the best plan tailored just for you. Or I would refer you to a fellow colleague that may be more in tune with your own needs. In all cases, it will be a very fruitful conversation, guaranteed!


By using online technologies (Zoom, Skype or other video-conferencing online tool), we both stay in control of our environment (privacy, intimacy). That is important to let go, without being self-conscious of people wandering around in a public space. Plus, that also means, last minute sessions could be possible!

On a side note, it doesn’t have to be exactly one hour. It’s a conversation not a performance. As long as we both have the time, let’s not interrupt a good ongoing conversation, let if flow!

I’m not perfect. We all have our qualities and flaws. And I too, use coaches on a regular basis to accompany me in my own journey. Who would I be if I was not walking the talk??! I’m the same person as a coach, as a client, as a friend or a stranger. And I can guarantee that I will be with you and listening to you at 100%, fully focused and attentive, with full commitment and belief in all that you want to achieve and who you are.
I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to get where you want to be.
I don’t do “inspirational quotes”, cheesy phrases, and other instragram-ish blog quotes that eventually make us feel worse than we really are.
It’s all down-to-earth conversation, focusing on you, who you are. We’re in the real!
I use an online tool to manage all my bookings: https://calendly.com/tomeskenazi/coaching-session.
You can cancel/reschedule a session up to 48 hours before at no cost.
You can also contact me anytime via email at [email protected]
Much of the magic happens between sessions, and I will be there for you. You get access to me 7 days a week and for the whole duration of our journey together. So no matter when you need to get in touch to share a situation, or when you have questions or doubts, you can contact me at any time, without the need to wait for the next session.
I keep you accountable. If you say you’re going to do something, I’ll absolutely check in to see if you followed through. Trust me—I know it’s easy to say you’ll do something…and then really hard to actually do it. And I’ll make sure you do it. I won’t give up!
After each session, you may receive occasional bespoke “homework” to keep you on course to achieving your goals and dreams. This may be reading/watching material, worksheets, journaling activities, or even meditation.
You don’t have to take notes during our conversation, you can focus solely on what is on your mind. At your request, I will send you the notes (incl. mind maps) from the session on the same day.

20% of your payment will be used to help and support full-time emerging artists (photographers, musicians, painters, dancers, etc.). Half of my entire network of connections is made of artistic people. Most of the emerging ones, as talented as they are, can really benefit from life coaching, to help them reach their dreams and make our world a more colourful one. Thanks to this indirect sponsoring, you are helping me dedicate 20% of my time to them. Read more about artists: here.






It ranges from industry leaders and visionary entrepreneurs to artists such as musicians, photographers, painters dancers or film directors, from all corners of the world, with different cultures and backgrounds. They all have in common several of the following traits:

  • High Performance achievers: driven by success, always going the extra mile by nature, not stopping at the bare minimum, always perfecting, always striving to offer more.
  • Inspirational: through their vision, their art, they communicate their passion, and that’s contagious. Just by being who they are, with a sparkle in their eyes, they are making this world a better place, offering a breath of fresh air in a life that needs as much rational than irrational.
  • Change Makers: determined to think out of the box, they bring something new that has never been tempted before, they are willing to sacrifice their comfort to get what they want, and offer it to the world. They’re accustomed to getting out of their comfort zone. Driven by their vision, they create change.
  • Action-based: Driven by action, the can-do attitude. No overthinking, just doing. Minimal fear of failing. It’s all about learning and going further and further until they get what they want.


Artists are special to me. They consitute half of all my connections worldwide: musicians, painters, graphic designers, photographers, stylists, models, make-up artists, drawers, dancers and many more. Through their passion they make the world more colourful, more vibrant and full of energy. Unfortunately, most of the emerging talents do not have the finances to get coached even though they could be just one action away, one goal away from real success. I love being there for them and I have decided to dedicate 20% of my coaching time to them. “How could they pay then?” — Well, actually this is where YOU help: 20% of the price you pay contributes to their support, so you already sponsor them indirectly without knowing it.

However, if you’d like to sponsor emerging talents in a more substancial manner, please get in touch with me. I will be happy to open my door to all my creative network, and could introduce you to some of them where your contribution would go.



A brief history of my journey

French, born in France, Paris suburb. Raised in a not-so-unusual broken family, brought up in a colourful multicultural environment, with its not-so-subtle dose of troubled kids. I always felt a need to create. Early on, I realised my brain was wired to be an engineer: I started to code at the age of 10, learned by myself, programming databases at the age of 14. I’ve followed an engineering degree at UNI: quantum physics, micro-electronics, telecommunication.

My first career was IT engineering for about 15 years, mostly spent in the UK after having moved spontaneously there from Paris. Back then I was leading teams, managing people while being technically hands-on all the time. It was satisying my mind…so I thought! There was something missing, I felt it. I always loved art and especially photography that I was doing semi-professionally in parallel to my IT career. I then decided to switch full-on to being a professional photographer, ranging from co-managing studios, to working as a freelancer in studios and for other private fashion businesses (stylists, agencies, models, and other artists). I could barely pay my rent though, so I went back to IT, I didn’t want the lack of money to ruin my passion. I kept photography solely for the sake of creating, as a way of espression, and the extra money I was getting from IT was partially reinvested in the photography industry by paying models/make-up artists/stylists. I was creating and paying artists at the same time. “Almost there”, I thought…it was satisying for a while, but I didn’t feel fully defined yet.

It’s only when I had a serious accident, that something changed forever: I suddenly valued health and decided to go traveling. I always loved traveling, but I’ve never seen beyong the concept of holidays. And this time, I needed to see something different, discover what the world was really about. After 4 years, and more than 70 visited countries later, discovering new cultures, traditions, hearing many more stories of now remote friends and travelers, I’ve come to the realisation of the one thing that was in common throughout all my life: PEOPLE.

I always had many many friends, many connections. Even at a very young age, I had great quality friends, especially the troubled ones at school, they all had amazing stories. I loved hearing them and they loved being heard. And that is true from all the people I’ve met in my life. In the end, coming to coaching eventually fell naturally in place and I am grateful for all these past experiences to have paved the way to who I am today. And that’s with all this background, my passion for connecting and listening to people that I today can say that I have found my path.


All these experiences made me richer, more connected to people and I continue to get as close to people as I can through my main activities:

  • Life Coaching: This is what this website is about. Being able to offer my services to the many.
  • Traveling: This will always be a passion. The best way for me to keep humility, integrity and respect towards all other traditions and cultures that are different from ours. Observe, witness, discover, understand without judging or interfering. Discover my Traveling website there: https://www.thomaseskenazi.com
  • Portrait Photography: Photography is my artistic passion, and especially creative portraits. I work in studios or on location, managing a full team of creatives, or by myself, with professional models and artists, or simply inspiring individuals. I have expressed in different styles, depending on the mood, the idea of the moment. And I still have today so many more ideas to develop. My photography portfolio can be found there: https://www.tomeskenazi.com
  • Web Design: That’s the part of IT I love keeping running as it is part-creative, part-technical: rational brain and emotional working hand-in-hand at the same time. In addition to my own websites, I also work as a freelancer to create corporate and commercial websites too. For the ones who are curious about my IT background, here is my Linkedin profile.



There is no warmer feelings than witnessing people grow, especially when you contributed to helping them do so. Here are some of their feedback.
You will also find here testimonials of fellow colleagues with whom I worked recently that offer another degree of perspective.

“I’ve had the real privilege of being coached by Thomas a few weeks ago, followed-up by some incredible mind-expanding conversations that led me to feel more congruent and grounded.
When I met Thomas, I was struggling with some friendships in which I felt triggered and it created a lot of insecurity. After just one session, I went from self-doubt to full clarity about what was important to me and what to do next. The result of feeling more grounded was that every single one of my relationships improved. Working with him I solved something on the inside that had a huge ripple effect on how confident I now feel in my ability to stay true to myself in challenging situations.
Thomas has a real natural inclination to finding out what’s true for each individual person and he has an incredible understanding of our human nature and how we relate to one another. He really cares about you finding the answers you have on the inside, which is an incredibly empowering experience. His warm manner puts you right at ease — in his presence it’s easy to become more of who you really are. For anyone who’s longing for that, I hope you have the opportunity to work with Thomas.”

– Mabel Vonk, Coach for Impact Leaders.

“I am amazed by Thomas’s incredible sensitivity and skill to dig to the core very quickly. He has helped me uncover connections I haven’t been able to see myself, clarify concepts that were limiting my personal growth for a long time, and suggest new ways of going forward.”

– MATEJA, Entrepreneur.

“I have observed Thomas several times over the last few months. Thomas is very relatable. He makes his clients relax and trust him. Without fail, he understands the clients situation, no matter what the issue might be. He asks intelligent questions to enable the client to dig deeper which enables them to look at different perspectives not obvious to them. Thomas in his coaching makes the client discover positive sides to the situation which in turn enables them later on to see more positive perspectives by them selves. He encourages self awareness, positivity and for them to develop the capability to see the larger picture. Which we typically have difficulty doing. From the first time I met Thomas, I felt there is that special care, love, interest in others that makes him such a good and emphatic coach. I know he will assist everyone who seeks his help to enrich their lives”

– TRUDE, Life Coach.

“Thomas comes as a coach bringing with him a whole lot of unusual life experiences that made his wisdom today. Knowing him as a friend before he becomes a coach, he already had a natural talent to simplify intricate situations and grasp the essence of it. As a coach he now brings a clear technique to help improve others’ lives. On top of that Thomas has a natural inclination to listening and helping people with a sincere kindness. Stepping back and looking at your life from a different perspective, bringing simple ideas to clear the fog and moving forward step by step, that’s what he brought to me during our sessions.”

– SILVA, Account Manager.

“Thomas is a great person to talk to and I loved our sessions. He took the time to listen, empathise and see the bigger picture. Being a photographer himself, he definitely understands the struggles of an artist and this made me very confident to open up on different topics. I am sure Thomas will become not just your coach but also a friend that you can rely on. I highly recommend booking a session with him.”

– IOANA, Photographer.

“Thomas is a lovely, warm and trustable guy. He offered many valuable insights and his manner is refreshing and friendly. He manages to challenge and provoke just enough, and with a lightness of touch that makes you feel like you are both on the same page. ”

– CHRIS, Orchestra Conductor.

“Thomas has helped me to gain an insight in to how my thoughts affect my actions. I feel more able to quieten the critical voice in my head and I now feel more positive.”


“Thomas is an artist too. So he understands what you are going through as an artist. He can make you see things differently and make it better. This is the best life coach I have had.”

– LAITH, Film Director.

“I greatly recommend Thomas to other people as a coach. I have met him in our coaching academy as peer coaches, thus has seen him always improving his skills, his commitment to coaching, hard work and his humbleness in many areas. He has many outstanding strengths as a person and as a coach, and what I particularly appreciate when being coached by him are (1) his deep trust and great interest on me, (2) very sharp and inquisitive questions that surprise me and open up totally new doors and (3) his warmth and profundity as a person and knowledge which he has towards the world, life and people. Thus not only from client point of view, I learn a lot from his coaching style. He has a capacity to work with all kinds of people and situations from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds, ages, and male or female, etc. He is a person who genuinely cares, wants to help others and wants for both clients and himself to grow. And not to forget & definitely not the least, he is someone who all people enjoy talking to because he has such a good sense of humor and smile all the time!! ”

– KEIKO, Life Coach.

“Thomas was my accountability partner at Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. He has been very thorough and professional in all the sessions. Once I came up with a draft plan, Thomas helped me look in a lot of the different aspects, the timeline, resources, practicability and all. I always felt he understood me well, he knew what my sticking point was and he helped me navigate forward. I feel I have made good progress since then. Our conversations brought me a lot of clarity in what is important, what is possible and how I may achieve it. I am very confident in saying that Thomas is a wonderful coach and would recommend him to anyone seeking clarity and willing to move forward.”

– Jawad, Financial Career Coach.



Interested in having a first conversation around coaching? Going through a real coaching experience?


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